Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Speech Text For Final Examination


Hai guys , my name is rana aulia riyanti from chemistry major. Now, I will give a speech about chemistry in life. One of the famous islami chemical scientist namely ibn jabir hayyan , He is found many thing in the field of chemistry about crystallization, distillation , oxidation reduction reaction and etc.Chemistry is something that connected to component and materials , but most people think that chemistry is not really important. In fact , in our daily life anything always have connection with chemistry . For example when we wear our clothes , Inside the clothes there are many polymers.

To make it more complete , I will tell you some other area that need chemistry in the implementation .

The first one is in medical aspect .
Chemistry is needed to solve many cases , for example health test , laboratory , bloodshed tool , the production of synthesis materials for bone replacement and medicine production.

The second area is in machine field. 
Benefits Chemistry can also concern the field of machinery, which is to study the
properties and composition of a good metal for the manufacture of machinery, 
studying the nature of the composition of fuel and engine oil.

The third area is in the field of medicine.
The benefits of chemistry in human life in the field of medicine is to help the healing of patients suffering from a disease, using drugs made based on the results of research on the processes and reactions of chemicals carried out in the branch of pharmaceutical chemistry.

The fourth area is in food area.
Chemistry becomes a helping tool to increase the quality and food supplies with the us of addictive and preservative , substance , the use of bacteria for food for example soy sauce , tempe and making yogurt.

The last one is in textile area.
 In the textile, plants extract used for colouring the clothes for example temulawak to coloured rayon viskosa fabric.

From all those advantages of chemistry , it show that chemistry is so important . That’s why getting into chemistry major is not that bad . Most people think that future is not cleared in chemistry . In fact chemistry graduates are really needed in many companies in indonesia and overseas. We could also become entrepreneur eith our research findings that not common yet.

That’s all I can say thank you very much and I hope this is useful for us.

Link Video about Speech

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Education EXPO

      Few days ago . I went to Dies Natalis Untan in Auditorium where there were many educational expo . For example UPT Bahasa , Amcor Untan , BCLC Untan , Kedai Prancis , Menwa , mipa faculty , etc .That educational expo most of them graduated this year , because by this expo they can understand about Untan even only some of them shown .

At First , I went to MIPA stand , because I am from MIPA and of course I went to chemistry stand . In chemistry stand there were many products for example soap with the shape of flower , aroma theraphy and we also could practice the correct titrasi.

Next , I went to UPT Bahasa stand. What make it interesting is the free training for Untan students for english , france , etc .

The third , I went to Amcor Untan Stand , but it closed and I took picture there . From what I know , Amcor used for seminar about english , because once I went there when I was a senior high school student.

Fourth , I went to Menwa stand , there I met some Menwa members . They said the uniqueness of this stand are the awards . Because Menwa learn about discipline , martial arts  , etc .

Next , I came to forestry faculty . There I saw many handicrafts and preparat.

After that , I came to studio data . There , people can analyze data by paying 20000 and there was also a photobooth .

The last , I come to Kedai Prancis , I like it because there was an eiffel tower and many offers about study in france .

My Future Business

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb
            Hayy welcome back to my blog , in the previous time I’ve tell you many stories about many things and now I will tell you about something different . It is about my future business.

            I want to achieve many things in the future . When I got into chemistry , there is one thing I have in my mind. It is about how to find a compound that will make a beauty product as useful as korean product . I want to do many research so I will get the expected result. With that product , I want to do many experiment to beauty companies in Indonesia . I want Indonesian beauty product to have the same quality as korean beauty product with cheap price and halal compound.

            Beside , I want to open my own company that is a muslimah boutique and muslimah spa , where both of them will be in the same building with unique architecture . The purpose of many company is to make indonesian people triggered to wear syar’i clothes and can enjoy a spa where everybody inside it are women.

            I know that build something big is not easy. That’s why I always think positively about what I want achieve . From those three things , what I want to achieve the most is to find a beauty compound and make many people can enjoy it.

            I want to make my dream comes true , because it not only our academic that make us success , but our skill also determine our future. Now days , job field are so small. That’s way do not become only a worker but we will open our own job field for many people . When we open new job field , we also decrease total of unemployment people in Indonesia.So , now we should also train our soft skill , for example how to argue in front of many people by joining many organization . With our soft skill , it will be easier for us when we want to explain about our business idea to people.

            For me, produce a masterwork as many as possible , achieve all what you want especially in business , because we will not only get much profit but also help others . I hope everything we want will comes true especially in business.

            That’s all about my idea to the business for my future and I hope it useful.

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017


Dwita    : What do we wan our robot to do ?

Rana     : I want a robot can bring travelling in the world.

Dwita    : One of the key features will be ?

Rana      : I want a very nice robot that does not need to be in service.

Dwita    : The robot looks like ?

Rana      : I want a robot that is like a car and there are various kind of tools such as and can fly.

Dwita    : Why don't we call it ?

Rana      : I want to give it's name ADIRA

Dwita    : How much will it cost ?

Rana      : I want to sell  2000 rupiah


Minggu, 30 April 2017

How To Make a Gmail Account by Google and App Store

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Good Morning everyone ! How are you today ? I hope all of you are fine enough to continue to read my writing . In this occasion  I'll tell you about how to make a gmail account by using google and app store . I hope you enjoy it !

* How To Make a Gmail Account From Google
  • Frist are on internet connection . Next open your browser  . You can use chrome , mozilla firefox or internet explorer

  • Second, type http: //gmail.com

  • Third , choose "Create an account" button

  • Then , put your identity in the registration form . Please make sure your fill in every single thing as the example below :

  • The privation and requirement needed can be seen in the picture below:

  • After you follow some steps , we've successfully make a gmail account . For next step press "continue" button

  • You have  a new account gmail 

* How To Make a Gmail Account by App Store

  • First , open the app store application 

  • Second , search for " Gmail Account"


  •  Third , log in to gmail account

  •  By using this , you can have more than one gmail account only from one application

Okay , that's all about it . I hope you enjoy it and it's useful for you 

Thank you very much and have a nice day

Wassalamualaikum Wr . Wb



Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

It’s me, again. In this occasion, I’ll tell you about my friend, Rizky. Rizky is a talented writer and he often join many writing competition. I know him since college because we are classmates. Since I also want to be a writer, having a writer friend is so delightful. It feels like I have somebody to share about what I write, and we will be useful for other people by using our writing.

By this time, I choose him to become my source of information because he is so inspiring for me and I think that other people will be inspired too. While doing the interview, there were some questions I asked to him, and I’ll just write it down for you below. Please enjoy!

Rana (RA) : What makes you interested in writing?
Rizky (RI) : I like writing because I think I have the freedom to express myself. I also can write any aspiration by writing, like critics, advice or any other else.

RA : What thing that inspired you to write?
RI : The seniors and people with great achievement around me or around the world. They give me big influence to make me want to write more and more.

RA : What kind of writing do you want to be published?
RI : I’m interested in comedy books. I think that kind of book might entertain people and help them to feel better because it’ll make them laugh a lot.

RA : How do you improve your writing skill
RI : I have some tips I do to improve my writing skills. First, I join some activites that have connection with writing for example MSI and LISMA. Second, I join some competitions where there I also learn how another competitor make their products. Third, advice from seniors, lecturers, friends or anyone that help me develop myself.

RA : How does your close friends or family support you?
RI : Alhamdulillah my family, lecturers, and friends support me a lot. They like what I do and told me to do more.

RA : What do you expect from your skill for other people?
RI : With my writing skill, I hope that I can inspire many people and help to build Pontianak city. I also hope that I can earn some money and I can go around the world free. Even, now I’m on my best to write a social essay for a scholarship. Insha Allah by this skill I also could get free college payment.

Well, those are some questions I asked and answered by Rizky. Thank you for reading. I hope that it’ll inspire you to write more or at least try to write more. See you later in another post.

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb

Sabtu, 01 April 2017

1. In what ways will robots make  our lives better in the future ? In what ways will they make our lives worse ?

Answer : Robots make our lives better in the future because it isn’t waste the energy and   time , then robots make our lives worse because they make people lazy to do their job.

2. What kinds of robots would you like to see ?

Answer : The robots who can protect us from dangerous people.
         Paragraph 1 : He compares home robots today with personal computers 30    years ago.
         Paragraph 2 : - First , robots need a brain - a computer.
                               - Microsoft developed an operating system that could work on different 
                                  kind of computers
          Paragraph 3 :  - We will have time to do the things we love
                                 - If weare alone , they will keep us company and entertain us

           1. C ( Robots in the home )
           2. A ( Robots will improve our lives in may ways )

            1. A ( All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines                                   
                      than ever )

              Going beyond the text 
We don’t agree if a robot becomes an airlines pilot because the secure of robots can hacked with the dangerous people.
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a cook ,  because robot can’t taste what the human taste
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a doctor , because the robots can’t give a details about a patient problem
We agree if a robot becomes a police officer , because robot can fear to rule of law
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a singer , because robot can feel about the meaning of song
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a store clerk , because it will increase  the unemployment
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a taxi driver , because robot can’t do interaction with the human
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a teacher , because human make a robots , so its impossible if robot teach the human